May Spotlight: Italy, California, Canary Islands, Portugal, Germany and France

  Dezilu’s Newsletter May Spotlight: Italy, California, Canary Islands, Portugal, Germany and France… What do they all have in common… good wine… what else? You can’t travel there right now, so we will take you…with wine of course!  First to Italy, a country with close to four hundred registered varietals and likely 1,600 unregistered. A lot to comb through… For today we will go to the Abbazia Di Novacella Winery, located in the Isarco River Valley in South Tyrol, Trentino Alto Adige. Italy’s northernmost wine region….

April Spotlight-Mt. Etna Rosso

Dezilu’s Newsletter Mount Etna Rosso, Sicily, Italy This story will take you on a trip there (since no one is going anywhere else), and let you discover vines from …  the world’s oldest and most active volcano. Not only that, Mount Etna keeps on growing, one layer of lava at a time…to culminate as the highest active volcano in Europe at an elevation just shy of 11,000 feet. And where is the wine grown? Primarily on the slopes of Mount Etna reaching 3,500 feet and sometimes higher….

March Spotlight: Sulfite or not to Sulfite

To Sulfite or not to Sulfite…. “A walk towards Natural Wines” We will tell you a story and let you decide…  First a few points, You’ve all read the back of your wine label, “contains sulfites,” and you’ve wondered and googled, to uncover the truth… All wine contains sulfites… as it is a natural by-product of the yeast metabolism in the wine making process. So, there is truly no wine without sulfites. Yet, a majority of readily available…

February Spotlight: Champagne 

Dezilu’s Newsletter February Spotlight: Champagne  This story begins on coronation day in 987 at the Reims Cathedral; located in the heart of the champagne region in northeast France. The Pinot Noir champagne was poured at the request of the king, Hugh Capet, and from that time forward, it made its appearance for coronation days, marking the beginning of champagne as a celebratory wine.  However, throughout the Middle Ages and part of the Renaissance period, the winemakers envied their Burgundy neighbors to the south and desired to create the same style of…

Dezilu’s Premiere Newsletter

Dezilu’s First Newsletter January Spotlight: Wine’s personal stories Think about the aspects of life surrounding you at this moment, the influence they have on you, evoke in you. For wine, it is the same. Wine is alive. Like us, wine, has a story. The vine absorbs all that surrounds it, and, from these natural elements it crafts personality. It’s these personalities we like to find.  Our story begins in the stone ages, where wine was first made. Vitis Vinifera is one of the first…