Dezilu’s Premiere Newsletter

Dezilu’s First Newsletter
January Spotlight: Wine’s personal stories

Think about the aspects of life surrounding you at this moment, the influence they have on you, evoke in you.
For wine, it is the same. Wine is alive. Like us, wine, has a story. The vine absorbs all that surrounds it, and, from these natural elements it crafts personality. It’s these personalities we like to find. 

Our story begins in the stone ages, where wine was first made. Vitis Vinifera is one of the first grape varietals used for wine-making. Most wine grapes still originate from this grape. Much like us, it has had to adapt and change to survive and thrive. In Portugal there is a woman who grows her own grapes. They are known by the locals as the “Americanas,” yet no one quite knew why.
In a roundabout way, they made their way to her via the “America’s”. The Spanish missionaries brought grape seeds to the new world, (Well, they smuggled them here; it was prohibited by Spanish law.) Some of the first vineyards planted in the new world were not in California, but near modern day Socorro, New Mexico. They were known as “mission” grapes. Fast forward to the late 1800’s, and a pesky aphid- like bug created the phylloxera epidemic which nearly wiped out all wine production in Europe: about 95% of production gone! Specifically in France. The solution was to import some known American rootstock resistant to phylloxera and graft to it the quickly disappearing European varietals. That which doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. Phylloxera doesn’t do well in sandy or volcanic soils though, so fortunately, it’s rare but you can still find original roostocks and if lucky some pre-phylloxera vines in the Canary Islands and Mt. Etna Rosso to name a few. Our current offering features some of these unaffected areas.  Although still debatable, we believe that wine made from this original, unaltered rootstocks gives a deeper experience. Out of those humble, Portuguese grapes, our story begins, because that woman growing them is Dominique’s mother. This started Dominique on his journey with formal oenology school at a young age in France, several Michelin star restaurants including Georges Blanc in Vonnas when, years later, he twice received the Grand Award from the Wine Spectator Magazine along with a James Beard nomination for his wine programs at the acclaimed Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur, CA. While at Post he met his wife Lauren and together they’ve trekked through countless winemaker’s “caves” and cellars in both the new and old world, stomping some grapes along the way and searching for pure and well-accredited producers, “wine with a soul,” and “wine with stories” that create memorable moments for you.
Just as one person’s viewpoint might change your thoughts forever, so can the narrative of a great wine when you encounter it fully.  
Our more than thirty years of experience, translates into ability- to thin out the world of wine to a precise and discerning selection. Each bottle is hand-selected by your own, personal sommelier….
Every bottle comes with Dezilu’s curated notes, the full story of each wine, food pairings, occasional recipes and Q&A’s with the winemaker. Our newsletters will highlight different regions, grapes and wineries. Our hope is that through our sharing, you will learn to walk this beautiful trek through the vineyards and to the table.

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